Minus 1.8 for Windows 10


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Minus is a simple-to-use tool designed for file sharing on the Internet. With this software, you can share with friends our pictures, documents, videos and even music. After installation, register for free on the manufacturer's website and soon we will be able to use the new account in the program or Web browser. Using the program is simple and does not cause problems even for novice users. To copy and share the file on the network, select it and move the left mouse button on the program icon in the system tray. The application then automatically send data to the server and the time to reveal the new user account. From the program, you can copy the address of the file to the clipboard, delete it from your account, or change the name. In addition, you must also choose whether the file is to be made available to all users or only for a selected group of people. The program can also view files shared by other users hand with a web browser can find and invite friends, send messages and filter all the files sent to the server. Minus The program also has another very useful option, with which you can capture screenshots of the entire screen or selected fragments and then automatically sent to the server.